New Research Network: InnoPSM

One of the specific topics of Cordi is the role of public service media in safeguarding communication rights. A part of the related research takes place in collaboration with a new Research Network on Innovation in Public Service Media Policies (InnoPSM). The project is convened by Alessandro D’Arma of the University of Westminster (UK), Minna Aslama Horowitz of Cordi is the co-convener, and Hannu Nieminen of Cordi belongs to the project Steering Group, as well as members from from European Broadcasting Union – EBU, BBC, ORF, Yle and several other universities.

The main objectives of the Research Network are to facilitate exchange between academic experts and key PSM stakeholders and develop a research agenda across national and disciplinary boundaries with a view to advancing our thinking about innovative policy solutions and strategies to respond to the major digital challenges confronting PSM.

The Network starts by organizing four multi-stakeholder workshops:

1: Innovation in PSM funding models (November 2019)

2: Innovation in PSM content and services (February 2020)

3: Innovation in access and discoverability of PSM content (April 2010)

4: Innovation in PSM accountability and participatory practices (June 2020)

More about the project on the project website:

A blog post about the project for the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC), based at Cardiff University:

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