First InnoPSM Workshop 12 Nov: State of the Art

As a part of CORDI’s international collaborations, two research team members belong to a new project hosted at the University of Westminster (UK) and supported by the University of Helsinki: InnoPSM . The project seeks to build a scholar-practitioner network around public service media policies in the era of digital disruption. Minna Horowitz is the co-coordinator and Hannu Nieminen a member of the project’s Steering Group.

The project organized its first workshop, on state-of-the-art research and collaborations, in London 12 November 2019. Here is an account of the event:


The stakeholder-academe workshops for the AHRC-funded Research Network on ‘Innovation in PSM Policies’ (Grant Ref: AH/S012311) brought together key PSM stakeholders and leading international scholars whose work, in exploring uncharted territories in PSM research, is helping to understand the complexities of today’s digital ecosystem from the perspective of public service.

The goal for this workshop was to highlight future-forward research and consider how collaborative approaches might contribute to advancing such a research agenda.

The morning session begun with the presentations by Hannu Nieminen (University of Helsinki) on Communication Rights: What rights, Whose Rights, and Why PSM Matters? and Jeanette Steemers (King’s College) on Policy and Production Encounters Around Children’s Public Service ‘Television’ and Diversity. Nieminen’s presentation focused on the need to reconsider the entire structures of communication and information systems and consider public service media with other institutions that support the epistemic commons, the creation for common knowledge for…

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