New book: Freedom of Expression in Russia’s New Mediasphere

What is the situation with freedom of expression in Russia? This new book, Freedom of Expression in Russia’s New Mediasphere, co-edited by Katja Lehtisaari, a Cordi project member, and Mariëlle Wijermars, assesses this question, focusing on online media.

In recent years, the Russian government has dramatically expanded its restrictions on the internet, while simultaneously consolidating its grip on traditional media. The internet, however, because of its transnational configuration, continues to evade comprehensive state control and offers ever new opportunities for disseminating and consuming dissenting opinions. In this publication, the authors analyse the limits on and opportunities for free speech provided by online and social media, including cross-media initiatives that bridge traditional and new media spheres. Finally, the volume examines how state-aligned media disseminate their content online and adopt new formats to keep audiences engaged.

Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, including media law, human rights, political science, media and cultural studies, and the study of religion, this book goes beyond an analysis of state control and examines the experiences of citizens as well as those of media organisations and professionals.

The book is also a final publication for Russian Media Lab project.

The book launch event will take place on 16 December 2019, 17:00-19:00 at ThinkCorner (Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki). Please register here:

Wijermars, Mariëlle & Lehtisaari, Katja (Eds.) (2019) Freedom of Expression in Russia’s New Mediasphere. Routledge.

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