Second InnoPSM Workshop: Young People

CORDI members Hannu Nieminen, Minna Horowitz and Anette Alén-Savikko took part in the InnoPSM workshop on young people in Helsinki, 20-21 February 2020. The workshop discussed policy and strategic issues, as well as concrete solutions, to provide meaningful content for younger audiences. Nieminen was the co-organizer of the event, with Yle’s Ritva Leino. Horowitz is the co-convener of the InnoPSM network that serves as one forum for research material collection for CORDI.


InnoPSM Workshop 2: PSM and Young People took place in Helsinki on 20-21 February. It was the second of a series of workshops organised as part of the ‘Innovation in PSM Policies’ project.

The workshop report and the related video will be open-access and shared here early Spring 2020.

InnoPSM is an AHRC-funded Research Network convened by Alessandro D’Arma (CAMRI, University of Westminster) in collaboration with Minna Horowitz (University of Helsinki). The workshop was designed and hosted by Ritva Leino from YLE (Finnish public broadcasting company) and Hannu Nieminen from the University of Helsinki, both members of the InnoPSM Steering Group.

The workshop focussed on arguably the biggest challenge of all facing PSM organisations around the world, namely a generation of young audiences increasingly using social media platforms as their ‘daily media’ and turning away from PSM services. The question asked in the workshop was: How can PSM understand, connect…

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