New report: Trust in Finnish Media

Emotions at Stake: Authority of the Media and Trust of the Audience is a research project to depict and assess how the Finnish audience views legacy and social media. It builds on two surveys conducted a decade ago by replicating key questions, elaborating on new issues, and deepening the analysis with qualitative focus group discussions. The project enables comparative outlooks of these timely and much-debated themes, authority, and trust in media, both over time and internationally. The project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the Media and communication studies and Political science at the Faculty of Social Sciences and funded by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

The project has just published its first report in Finnish, here (Media ja yleisön luottamuksen ulottuvuudet: instituutiot, journalismi ja mediasuhde).

Some results here, and in this video:

Results in short in Finnish here:

Minna Horowitz of CORDI took part in the research. More publications will follow in 2020 and 2021.

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