New report on young people and PSM

CORDI members Hannu Nieminen, Minna Horowitz and Anette Alén-Savikko took part in the InnoPSM workshop on young people in Helsinki, 20-21 February 2020. Nieminen was the co-organizer of the event, with Yle’s Ritva Leino. Horowitz is the co-convener of the InnoPSM network that serves as one forum for research material collection for CORDI.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) recognizes the role of the University of Helsinki and the InnoPSM project as building bridges between scholarship and praxis in this field, in its recently published report. The report outlines the potential to serve communication rights of young people via public service media:

There is a general perception that public service media (PSM) are not connecting with young  adults and that our traditional brands, by definition, represent what  young people are fleeing. 

Granted, many PSM organizations are struggling to remain relevant for young adults, yet a significant number of brands and  programmes launched by EBU Members have  connected with this age group. 

In fact, highly aware of how young people consume media, EBU Members make available a total of 185 unique dedicated youth services to reach Gen Z through a variety of channels, including linear TV and radio services, linear online streams and stand-alone online brands.

The problem is not that young people are not interested in our brands or remit. On the contrary, in our new report – Youth – What Works? – it’s clear that PSM values often overlap with theirs. ”

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