The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021(Vol. 1)

Ala-Fossi, Marko, Grönvall, John, Karppinen, Kari & Nieminen, Hannu (2021). Finland: Sustaining professional norms with fewer journalists and declining resources. In Josef Trappel, & Tales Tomaz (Eds.), The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021: How leading news media survive digital transformation (Vol. 1). Nordicom, University of Gothenburg, 153-196.

CORDI members Marko Ala-Fossi, John Grönvall, Kari Karppinen and Hannu Nieminen authored the section on Finland in the multi-country study on democracy and the media, the Media for Democracy Monitor (MDM).

The overall assessment of the performance and structure of the Finnish mainstream media is fairly positive, although it was found that in some areas there is reason for concern. In an international comparison, the equal availability and reach of the main news outlets remain at a high level. The problems that were there already in the early 2010s, such as increasing market pressures, declining news consumption among young people, and mounting workload – usually emerging from haste in journalistic work – are similar to those of most other countries. A new trend that a growing number of journalists face today, and which is causing much concern, is the increase in harassment, hate speech, and targeting.

See the launch of the results here:

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