Conference: Media platformisation and small nations

The event Media Platformisation and Small Nations , co-organized by CORDI, is part of EuromediApp-project “European media and platform policy”, funded by EU’s Jean Monnet Network program and participated by seven universities from different European countries. In Finland, the event is organized jointly by the EuromediApp network and also another Finnish Academy-funded research project, MAPS (“Media platforms and social accountability: Dynamics, practices, and discourses”).

The programme consists of two days. The first day focuses on academic research on the theme and the second day is dedicated to an international panel as well as a stakeholder roundtable on Finland. 

The event is hybrid. The first day is fully online and open for all. The second day is a blend of an open virtual event and an in-person event by invitation only.

Even though the virtual parts of the event are free and open, participants still need to register. Registration is open until 22 October 2021, here.

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